Welcome to Stevenage Dolphins

We are a swimming club for anyone that would benefit from exercise in the water, with any condition which prevents the enjoyment of the Swimming Pool at a public session.

The Club provides a 1h 15min session at Stevenage Swimming Pool each Sunday where the members can enjoy and gain confidence in water.


We have been invited to take part in the Hatfield Platypus Swimming Gala on Sunday 16th April at 3pm at Hatfield Swimming Centre (opposite Asda). Anyone interested in taking part please speak to John Randall. Please note, you will need to be able to travel to the centre as transport will not be provided.
Stevenage Swimming Centre

Join Us

Why not come along on a Sunday from 4pm-5.15pm for a ‘taster’ session.  Then if you like it, it’s jut £5 for an annual membership, and your pool sessions are FREE.